About Us

Company Objectives

Micron Man is a service provider to aid the Woolgrower in making the best decisions to improve wool quality through Objective measurement. Our aim has always been to strive for the highest client satisfaction with our service. We pride ourselves with competitive prices and the most comprehensive aftersales service in the industry. We archive every result we have ever done, hence research institutions have found us an invaluable repository if backup fibre measurement data is required.

History of Micron Man

The business started in mid 1988 in Toodyay in rural WA, encouraged to assist local woolgrowers in the area. Our first wool test machine was the Sonic B machine made by Paton Scientific. It only provided a basic micron result, but it was a start. We provided sorted printouts with a Commodore Amiga computer. Six years after we bought an OFDA100 in 1994, which revolutionised our operation in providing a Micron & CV measurement. Moving to the Bibra Lake industrial area in Perth WA opened us to options not available on a rural block. In January 2000 we started research on the OFDA2000 that was provided for a short period rent free for initial research. We were so impressed that we purchased the unit we were testing straight away. Reliable power and water, along with suitable staff availability has allowed the business to expand. Also the proximity to BSC Electronics who are the manufacturers of the OFDA100 and OFDA2000 enabled collaboration with research and upgrades to the equipment has been great.

Wayne Marshall

Wayne and Josephine Marshall are the owners and directors of Micron Man Pty Ltd. In early working life Wayne has worked in many fields in white collar and blue collar jobs. With a young family we moved to Toodyay WA for a change in lifestyle. He was lucky to work for farmers in the area who encouraged him to consider measuring wool for local woolgrowers. Toodyay was a great place to bring up a family and we ended up staying for 15 years. In 1999 Mark Brims of BSC Electronics said he required help researching his new machine, later labelled the OFDA2000, but we had to move to Perth to be closer to his business. We complied and went ahead moving the operation to our current Bibra Lake address where we purpose built a fibre measurement laboratory from the ground up. Through client enquiries we have expanded to measuring other fibre tests, as required.

Future Directions

Natural fibre growth will always be variable in a normal paddock environment. Objective measurement is required as a benchmark to see where growth is at. DNA testing is a possible option for genetic potential if the price can be reduced. We welcome any enquires for future measurement.