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Laboratory Services available

We provide the following services:

  • Micron & CV basic test (OFDA100 or OFDA2000)
  • Washing Yield which includes CFW%
  • Staple Length & Strength test
  • Micron Profile (OFDA2000)
  • Medullated fibre distribution (OFDA100)
  • Resistance to Compression test
  • Feltball test
  • Wax & Suint Extraction test
  • Worm Egg Count (WEC) test
  • Various Indexes (Economic, Merinotech and AMS)
  • CSV files, Histograms, Specialised sorted reports etc.
Micro Man

Fibre measurement experience


Since our start in 1988 we originally provided a fibre measurement service only to the Woolgrower. This has expanded over the years from requests to diversify and measure different natural fibres as below. We have tested for most research institutions and universities in Australia. Also we take pride in presenting more information and detail than required, as it has usually been needed for extended analysis. We have been accredited by every Australian Round trail since the original Rampower trials. Some of the same original Woolgrowers have been sending us work since 1988. Our finest fibre measurement was Angora rabbit fibre from Tasmania, that measured just over 9 micron on the OFDA100. The largest volume client has provided a peak of 8000 samples in a season, to be promptly processed for fleece grading. We take pride in rapid turnaround if samples are booked in advance.

Because we have a larger variety of tools for fibre measurement we have been fortunate to measure some exotic fibres for the CSIRO. The most unique fibre we have measured was Polar Bear fleece provided by the CSIRO to look at fibre distribution in relation to body warmth with relation to global warming. We were told these animals were tranquillised to get the sample and satellite tagged to monitor where they travel the Arctic in a reduced habitat. We also have experience in unique presentation of results, so we have been the GOTO people for this work.

Client requests with work for Field Days and Royal shows has enabled us to provide output options with results including laminated Histograms, Histogram labels, Index labels and specialised sorted reports. Let us know your requirements.

It is important to be aware that we are not an offshoot of another business, but concentrate only on fibre measurement.


Fibre variety:

  • Merino sheep
  • Corriedale, SAMM and Dohne sheep
  • Alpaca, Llama and Vicuna
  • Mohair and Cashmere
  • Angora Rabbit (finest fibre 9um)
  • Kangaroo
  • Polar Bear



Micro Man PRICE


Micro Man PRICE


Micro Man PRICE
Equipment used at our Laboratory
  • OFDA100 (with medullation)
  • OFDA2000
  • Goodwin Minicore (fibre preparation)
  • Fibre Science Length & Strength machine
  • Fibre Science Resistance to Compression machine
  • Shirley Analyser machine
  • Fibre Science Wax Suint machine
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